Sunday, May 01, 2005

MAY DAY! Just a few weeks til we get our Doggy!

A little something about tonight's venue.


04/30/05 ~ Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA

Electric Factory website

I:Here Comes Sunshine > The Music Never Stopped > She Belongs to Me > Easy Answers > Senor, Fly Away > Bury Me Standing > Silvio > Tequila > Silvio > Tequila > Silvio
II: The Winners@4 > Black-Throated Wind@ > Tomorrow Never Knows > Uncle John's Band > Supplication Jam > The Other One > Jam* > The Other One Jam > Standing on the Moon, St. Stephen > The Eleven > Not Fade Away
E: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall4>5>6 > One More Saturday Night

I'm just getting online but the few reviews I've read are nice and positive!!
Here's one from Dot orger, muzikmark:
The Show !! I'm sure by now most of you have seen the set list so I'll focus on the band and atmosphere. I ended up dead center in front of Bobby behind one guy. That's the first time I'd been that close and I really had a blast. The energy the band was putting out from the opener straight through the show was INTENSE, for lack of better terms. These guys are absoluely phenomenal. The hype built up around this show, in my opinion, was matched and surpassed !! Bobby was balls to the wall jammin', spacey, and soulful ALL night long. Mark Karan has reached a plateau in my musical spirit I thought no-one could reach after Jerry. He was smiling and laughing and so great musically it just blew me away. Robin, Kenny, Jeff and Jay as well were all looking at each other and smiling the entire night. They have that magic that's been missing from other incarnations !!! The only negatives were a couple drunk idiots who obnoxiously were pushing people out of the way and bitching at people as they were trying to muscle their way to the stage. About every 20 or 30 minutes a drunk would cause a rucus in an otherwise happy peaceful crowd. The happy people won out by sticking together and moving the drunks along their way without incident. (SEE !!!? It can be done !!)
To those of you I met, I hope to see you again this summer. To those I haven't met yet....I hope to meet you soon !! I had a blast and would definately go back to this venue again !! (I'll be wearing my home made shirt all summer.)
What a GREAT show !!! Peace Folks ------------Mark
The girls are here! They arrived early enough in the day (yesterday) that we were able to go into the Mission and visit Scott at the shop. Afterwards we poked around Valencia Street in search of food..Sengalese, Ethiopian, you name it-there's a cheap restaurant that serves it in the Mish. The girls are veggy and so it was a late but delicious lunch at Herbivore.
I left the girls to continue their explorations and to catch a ride back home with Scott...
Spent the evening drinking wine, listening music and telling stories...It's so nice to spend 3-d time with them...It's been about 2 years..though it seems more like 2 weeks since we did the UK tour with them...Today they are off to check out more of SF..will see them later- maybe drive up to Columbus Street or the Haight for dinner...