Thursday, May 12, 2005

Almost Friday!

Busy Busy!
Lots going on with end of the school year activities!

May is the best-at least my favorite month for teaching preschool...We've got Mother's Day and caterpillars>chrsalis>butterflies! Also, there is the Jewish holiday of Shavuot which we celebrate by eating Dairy products(I kid you not!) We be making ice cream..

On top of that -there's all the imminent fun and excitement of the upcoming and the anticipated upcoming Bobby/Ratdoggies events! Whew!

Scotto & I are starting to plot out our trip to Netherlands & UK. We are considering a third destination...Ireland? Germany?
Maybe a few daze on the way home- somewhere just like NYC ?
Or maybe...maybe...just maybe
Atlantic RATDOG city!

And then Scott has this new notion of remodeling most of the kitchen and dining room...
There's just too much going on!
The answer is ...
{{{Goldie Rush}}}