Saturday, May 21, 2005

MK & Buds

The big problem with sucking down Diet Coke all night is that all that caffeine takes its toll when you finally do crawl into bed..body wiped out but mind still sputtering and spinning...and so we move on to day 2 of the big weekend bright and early...
Left with Kemmie before 5pm...Light traffic all the way through the city and Marin...Sweetwater was full of regulars..We did the ritual of trying to figure out which would be the best seating arrangement and after taking over a table, the side bar stools we ended up sitting by Bob the taper for the show..
In the hours before a show, Sweetwater is just like a private party, if you're making use of yourself or buying drinks (diet coke) there is no line- just come on line duty most of the time.
So, the hours before the show were spent schmooozin with all the usual and unusual suspects!
It was one of the best parties I've been to in months!! The backdrop of MK,Robin, Jimmy, JT buzzing through the room between set up chores stirred everyone up even more.
The performances were flat out stellar- absolutely hated for it to end!
Setlist ala Reisha:

reisha m - 01:04pm May 21, 2005 PDT (#4157 of 4157)
we cant all & some of us dont. thats all there is to it. - eeyore

ok, sweetwater's setlist from last nite :

set 1:
playin w/ my friends
rock yer papa
animal walk
dont let go
lazin/sunny afternoon
mister fantasy
ez wind
hey pocky way
broke my babys heart

whats so funny ( bout peace etc)
down home girl
window shopping
stranger to himself
takes a lot 2 laff ( takes a train 2 cry)
come up & see me
on yr way down

this, from jts notes - i think maybe a coupla em got mixed round, or maybe i was out pokin smot, & there mita been a coupla tease-riffs of udder stuff in there, butt the thots i had on the way home ( actually, long b4 then) were - im really havin t' restrain mice elf from leanin over & lickin his fingers... i was that close, hehe! but fer shrue, it were a finger lickin good show!!!!