Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Okay, the following reports are from Jilly at Deadnet regarding last night's Washington DC Ratdog show:

"very fun time was had by many at the 9:30 club last night. mark was grooving to toot's set (although, it was kinda fun but the schtick got old quickly) before the show. he was spouting a big grin the entire evening.

truckin' was a way fun way to open the show. got everybody grooving right away. chez thought it was slightly uninspired but i was happy enough. wang dang was another really fun tune (i'm a big doodle fan). chez thought that take me to the river was the best thing about the first set. senor had too many words and bobby had the lyrics on stage and was reviewing them during the intrumentals between stanzas (so at least he got them all right). personally, i loved browned-eyed woman - very upbeat and lots of fun (i'm out for a fun time - can you tell?). bobby let the audience have the "sure get stoned at night" part of big boss man (we came through, i think). playing was a great way to end the set and then we all knew it would come back - which is cool with me 'cause it's one of my favorite bobby tunes.

second set was way spacey. candyman was cool with lots of phrasing changes, still very paradoxically dark and fun at the same time. big cheers when the UJB notes began and that was a great sing-a-along. i thought i heard TOO - i thought a VERY excellent version. big jams with lots of energy. groovin' stuff big time and then it went into wharf rat. it was definitely right for the slot (seemed a bit weird at first to me). bobby can spin a tell like no other and august west and pearly baker were right there! everyone kinda knew it was going into siding which was really seemless. beautifully done. the playing reprise was expected - but it was getting pretty late so very short. they came back out and did NFA - about 4 minutes with the audience sing-a-long. i think we were going into union overtime.

very excellent time - can't wait for tonight!"

and also:
jillybean - 05:26am Mar 31, 2004 PDT (#14625 of 14629)
she always liked to sing along


bobby was shaking his booty quite a few times and looks fabulous (although i think he should stop using the rogaine, personally). mark needs a haircut - can't see his face at all. there is a LOT of hair in this band. robin, jeff, jay and mark are all sporting "haven't had time to do anything with the hair" looks. mark was wearing a VERY dull black shirt - i expect a bit more flare for this evening. everybody in the band looks excellent - love the way robin matches the laces with the shirts - cool stuff!!