Friday, March 05, 2004

WOOFERS! Here's Graceful's summary of the Fillmore shows- I'll eventually get my own adventures in here- tgif! though I really wish I could be in Portland..okay here's from Graceful:

Ok!!! I am back in O.C. and have to go work my butt off today and won't have much time in here, so I am up early to say HELLO!! And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Great great time for these two shows ... the FIllmore is the BEST! DNC practically owned the place both nights - we had the rail, the table, the dance space..... and the bands did not let us down - the WAYBACKS are definitely showing us something new and fresh and fun to dance with - a jazzy, folksie, rock combo with intricate finger work and excellent voices! I don't know the names of the bandmembers yet, but if you get a chance to see these guys - do it.... Bobby is first class to give them such exposure...
Ratdog is a class act now.... they get better every show! I am already sad and in withdrawal over not continuing with the tour...
The Setlists: On 3/2 the only song not done which was on the original list was He's Gone which was going to follow Eyes.... and they added the Johnny B Goode to that setlist for the encore.
On 3/3 they added the second Mathilda Mother and since the WRS went for so long, they didn't do She Says and Liberty. THey also added the Deep End after October Queen and the Brokedown Palace encore was added... The trombone was really sexy - a lot of smooth transitions because of it.... These guys are having the time of their lives and I am completely sold on them right now -If you're reading this folder you are among those of us in the KNOW so I am preaching to the choir.... Loved seeing all the goddesses - missed David G! How could you miss US!! I don't think there is a much greater spectacle than the DNC goddesses on the rail.... sheesh..
We got a Sugar Mag and two Corrina's over the past week - and so many other good dancing experiences - as I have said before, this catalogue of music (RH! JG!) is just worlds above most other sounds... Have a great tour everyone going on!"