Thursday, March 04, 2004

Another incredible night of Fillmore dog!
It will take awhile to get my head together for putting out all the stories from the last 2 daze but here's DRRandy's take on last night-
What a great show- far exceeding my expectations! My first time seeing the "new" Ratdog without Wasserman. It was a very organic smooth band, a tremendous contrast with the last Dead show (of course, that might be expected as that was that configuration's first show and they didn't really rehearse), but right now I prefer Ratdog to the current Dead and P&F. I guess that is large part because I prefer Mark Karan's playing to Hering and Haynes- it serves this music better. My only criticism is that his tone could be sweeter, more Garcia-like...

Great setlist, the best WRS I've seen since 10/18/74, and it was a great first set- a little false-ending on BIg RR was a fun touch. The newer material fit in well (far better that at the 12/30 Dead show), the horns added a lot, the Help/Slipknot was great and it was cool how the Two Djinn segued beautifully into a Franklin's Tower ending-type jam leading inot Franklin's. The "Jam" between Slipknot and Two Djinn was a reggae-style rap by Zacariah Rose which, while not my favorite part of the nite, was sort of fun, and its cool that Bobby is trying to keep up with the relatively new styles of music. Franklin's ended the set on a high note. The Brokedown was a sweet ending. THANKS GUYS !!! "