Sunday, March 28, 2004


Lots of great reviews of the Penn's Peak show! I was talking to Topher (he was somewhere near Boston) when Cousin Bud called him (call waiting) from the venue- apparently held the cell phone up so Topher could hear 'Foolish Heart"! Very exciting...Later on, Cousin Bud & Krispy phoned us- Bud played Happy Berthday on the harmonica for Scott. It was great to hear their voices! Bud shouted that Penn's Peak Show was "The Best Ever Ratdog"!!! That's quite a statement too from Bud who had been to all the UK shows with us...

Here's one little review from someone at the TOOBOARD- just a snippet but really makes me want to hop on a plane!

""I was blown away by Ratdog's Dear Prudence last night. It was uplifting and powerful. Each member played beautifully and they even harmonized the vocals in a way that sounded great.

It was a beautiful moment when toward the end of the song, during one of the sustained notes Bobby looked toward the heavens and raised his arms...the whole crowd raised its arms with him and 2 banks of brights lights lit up from side stage out to the crowd, illuminating a sea of outstretched arms and smiling ecstatic faces. It was the hightlight of a great night for me.""

Chez, a long time Deadnetter has posted a lentghier review of last night's show and I'll go retrive that from the boards now....

The facility was perfect in so many ways. I hope it becomes a regular stop.