Tuesday, March 02, 2004

True WeirFreak -Ratdogirlscout report just in from Tree- who was at the Los Angeles Ratdog show last night!!!

....Everyone I have great news to share - I GOT TO MEET BOBBY LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend who I thought we were leaving, she took me to this back elevator and we went upstairs where the party was. We got to speak to Jay for a while who told us he'd get us back to meet Bobby. I also got a smile and a hug from Jeff who said thanks for my energy for the last few shows. Talked to the whole band actually, then Jay took us back to this room where just Bobby and Jay & Mark & some woman were talking - no one else really. So my friend Candy and I got to talk to him for over a half hour. We spoke about kids and music and all the years gone by... melt into a dream. I somehow snagged the setlist after the show and Bobby was nice enough to sign it. He was so cool and gracious, and very beautiful. Very peaceful aura. It was great how the guys in the band were looking out for him. At one point a lot of people came in at once and they made sure Bob was ok with it (which he was). Oh my... I GOT TO HUG BOBBY! I GOT TO HUG BOB WEIR I can DIE a happy woman now!!!!

Ease up Odessa... cause my mind is spinning!!!

((((GRACEFUL)))) THANK YOU for going the EXTRA MILE on the ticket thing. When we left I had no idea we were heading upstairs otherwise I would have grabbed you. Not sure you would have enjoyed it though, it took us a half hour of waiting to meet Bobby, but I enjoyed that half hour as it was since we talked to the band. And they ROCK! Have FUN at the FILLMORE!

when they play Sugar Mags Irenie, I told Bobby that I have 2 special N Cal friends who love him/RD, so to play it with a BANG for you guys. So when he does it, think of me and BOGGIE WOMAN!

The show was HOT! Odessa... smoking. Althea, great. Another dripping Corinna. I was smack dab up front again for set 2 but set 1 was lost in the venue looking for friends, so I just eventually found myself a spot and danced danced danced....