Wednesday, March 03, 2004

:O) What a great show that was last night! As anyone could tell from that sentence- I'm not quite awake yet..I need to go back to bed- had to get kids to school and am surviving now on just a few hours of sleep...

I gave Julie/Graceful Dead (coming north from Los Angeles) directions to my house but forgot that she would need to take hwy 238 from 580 to get to cross the San Mateo Bridge aka hwy 92...she ended up going over the Bay Bridge- landing in SF instead of over here...she went through SF to get to Pacifica, which is where Trinks lives...with time to spare, Julie STILL drove down the Peninsula to pick me up in San Mateo- which means she drove almost completely around the SF Bay yesterday!!! We went back up to Trinks. Trinks has the most amazing views from her home- a deck and yard that looks over a nature reserve AND the big blue Pacific was just beautiful- an unusually sunny day too!
At exactly 4:20, we took off for The Fillmore! Arriving quickly, met up with Karina and Easywind- not so many in line but already so many familiar faces with more showing up every few minutes. Eventually we got hugs from Reisha, Binki, Sparkita, Vera, WDP-Jay, Gwen- I know I'm forgetting a ton of folks, too...About 6ish, Scotto showed up with Mission district burritos for dinner (yum!) not long after the doors opened. Like I always do- I ran up the stairs and like they always do, security screamed "No Running" at me! LOL- everytime I forget!
We were all early enough to take just about any place we desired to be in...I was happy in my new favorite rail spot - the end of the rail on MK's side- the rail being a metal barrier about a yard from the stage. Great angle for Bobby watching! Also, you can see the faces of all the raildogs. ..and I think I knew or at least recognized a good 3/4 of those raildogs, too!

Before The Waybacks came out, I went to the concessions booth to buy the evening's show on cds. It worked that you paid, then obtained a wrist band, came back to the concessions booth after the show to pick up the cds...:o)

At last, the Waybacks, their first songs I guess can be described as folk goes Jammy...Lots of energy- maybe a little frenetic for the mellowish crowd vibe-but then Bobby came out to join them (to everyone's obvious giddy delight!) for Cumblerland!!! Bob had some mess up with one of the lyrics but according to Mazzy, that was the lyric Phil does when the Dead play it..but, it was no big deal- the vibe was great and punched the Waybacks up into that full get out there and folk it up groove, I had been hoping for! Bob retreated backstage after the Cumberland - the next few songs by Waybacks were terrific!! I'm looking forward to seeing them open again tonight!!
A bit of a break, then ...sigh- RATDOG!!!