Thursday, March 18, 2004

Oh, maaaaaaaan! Life is hectic again! Still listening to and remembering those Fillmore shows! Will try to write a little bit about 3/3 this weekend but until then- Here is something Tiger posted at Deadnet-

"TigerTrance - 07:14pm Mar 18, 2004 PDT (#62 of 62)

Saw the 3/12 show in Boise. And by the way a correction on my earlier post. It was 4/22/03 not 2/22/03 when Chez and I met Jeff.

Anyway, back to the Boise show, I thought Jeff was great and was able to make eye-contact where were exchanged a nodding YEAHHHHHHHHHHH look to each other during Franklin's Tower.

My two-cents are that he is the strongest instrumentally in that band. Karan is good but does not put himself over the top, which is rare for a lead guitarist and to be applauded, but perhaps he should a bit more being the main solo guy. Regardless, Jeff is what is happenning in that band and why I think Ratdog is the best thing going in the best post-Jerry GD-related band.

And Robin Sylvester is great too. A friend and I met him at a Starbucks in Boise the morning of the show. Quite the pleasant chap.

As far as Hornsby, who ever said "I am so over him..." was exactly right.

As far a new GD lineups, I have nothing against Rob Barraco, but I'm glad Jeff is in there. That being said I don't have a burning desire to see that band. In any post-Jerry configuration the singing and playing of Bob is my main draw. And two lead players Herring and ugh-Haynes are one two many. So I'll let the Dead go by and keep looking to catch Ratdog when I can.

And speaking of Boise, if anyone wants to see my state capitol, show and hiking adventures in Boise, go here:

the pictures may take awhile to load but they are not bad even though I was not at a good angle to get Jeff. This page will only be up for a few more day so catch it while you can.

Happy Spring all,