Wednesday, March 03, 2004

wow- mazzy has already put his thoughts together- here's his review from Deadnet:

Bob on acoustic with the Waybacks for Cumberland was a treat. They are real good and the fiddle sounded sweet. Bob's playing was real hot on that but he had trouble with the verses he doesn't normally sing.

Overall the Show was Real good. Best I've seen in a while. Very cool that you can listen to the cds on the way home. Everything was well very played and I thought it was a great setlist. Lots of different emotions and peaks and valleys to the music. Huge Stranger opener and a sweet "She Belongs to me". I love their version of Ramble on Rose and Bob took us to the leader of the band allright.((((JERRY!)))) Two Dylan tunes in the first set was cool. "Senor" was real good, Bob on Acoustic and I thought it was Loser at first but then everyone got it at once and a huge roar erupted. Kenny played a real nice solo on Senor and MK was taping into the JGB vibe. I would say it sounded similar the GD arrangement of the "Ballad of a Thin Man." Jeff on Hammond. Weir had the words on paper at his feet but I don't think he could see it very well. Loose Lucy is my delight, she come runnin' and we ball allnight! "Greatest Story" was a real barn burner and that one had our feet movin' , untill there was a minor trainwreck for the segue to West LA. set closer.

Set two: Blackbird, Me and Bobby McGee, The Weight.... surprising to get "the Weight" in that slot but it worked well and the Whole crowd sang along. Epic "Eyes of the World" with a huge BW/KB jam towards the end. I was not into the (c)rapper who did they same rap that he did at Marin Music Festival, but fortunatly that was short lived and the space jam unfolded nicely into.... BLACK PETER!! "Fever roll up to 105".....Bob pulled out his slide and MK really shined. Sugar Mags.... Johnny B. Goode rollicking encore. Short wait for the cd's afterwards and well worth the $25.