Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Someone posted this GD Link on dot org and it made me smile big this morning!

Yipee! Tonight's Ratdog in SF! First real show (not counting benefits) in the city for a very long time!
Scott's softball team has a bye/bi/buy/? tonight so he is relieved about not missing the show (he pitches and is a good batter) All systems are go! go! go!
I have an extra because everyine I know already bought their tickets.... My son was tempted to take it but it's Tuesday and he keeps stockbroker's hours...My daughter was begging to come but then realized she has way too many papers and tests coming up.
The day is gonna fly by- it's my Sunflower class's Holiday party. Then I race home to get everything in order...then wait for the call of the K woman...off to the city. Home..back to work for my Rainbow class's Holiday party. Then from there I'll go directly to the airport and fly out to iReeno!
I'll try to squeeze in a moment for blog but if not, look for the review later in the week. I have to be back at work on Friday!