Friday, December 02, 2005

Have a Happy Weekend!

The new Deadnet is UP!
It's very cool!
Lots of new stuff including a Spell Checker(wish I had one on here) and an "Ignore User" button!
I learned real quick to scroll past the names of those whose posts continually irritate me. The Bobby Bashers and then, the "Know it alls". I am online to enjoy myself. If I want to be a masochist and argue I can merely go downstairs and hassle my teenager about something. If I want to listen to a pedantic rant, well, then I can go down the next flight of stairs and start up the young adult ( not one but 2 college degrees). No small wonder I am drawn to age groups that believe in unicorns, rainbows and that hugs have special powers..
At any rate, the new Deadnet is very nice! Lots of photos and streaming video..Lots to see!
And, Tour is on! Ratdog tonight!!
Less than 2 weeks til the Bay Area gets some!!!!!!