Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hippie Holidaze!

Remember this classic?


O come, all ye Grateful,
Deadheads to the concert.
O come, Grateful Deadheads,
And camp in the street.
Bring rolling papers,
Don't forget your sleeping bags.
O come get us some floor seats,
We've followed them for four weeks,
O come get us some floor seats,
To see the Lord.
O come, all ye hippies,
Throwbacks to the Sixties.
Paint flowers on your van,
And don't wash your feet.
Wear your bell-bottoms,
And your tie-dye t-shirts.
O come let us adore them,
We've quit our day jobs for them,
O come let us adore, them,
Garcia's the Lord.

By Bob Rivers

The kids left yesterday morning for Maui. My whole family goes every December. I went for a while but prefer taking my vacation at home with Scott.
Scott can't go anywhere in December because it's "the most wonderful time of the year" for businesses. Though, he's had some tough moments seeing people struggle to get money together for the holidays. At the Pawn shop things do balance out when he's able to make prices low enough so a parent or significant other can afford to get that loved one a guitar or piece of jewelry. The shop Scott works at (family owned & operated) sells new items as well as used items and if you havent made that special purchase yet, you might want to call your local pawn shop and see what you can get. The prices are probably a load lower than you might expect. Excuse the plug, but hey. why not?
So what's happening with no kids or any family for the holidaze here?
Well, we got invited to Crazy Carl and Embar's (she's Israeli) house for "latkas and vodkas". I should be frightened, Carl is nuts in the way all brilliant people are. Hilariously funny with absolutely no fear of anyone or anything...Oh the stories!
Love Carl (and Embar) back "in the day" Carl joined us for Grateful Dead shows - at least one show a run. Carl is a software engineer and back then worked for the mighty Silicon Graphics. Because of that, we used to get to park in their lot across the street from Shoreline Amphitheater. Carl got to meet Jerry Garcia and talk to him about computers when Jerry entertained at a private SG party. In the last 10 years, Carl has found the love of his life, moved her here and now has three beautiful kids- all with Carl's crazy gleam in their eyes. I am wrapping a bunch of little musical instruments (from ye old pawn shop) to give them. Wouldnt be a holiday without a bunch of noise now would it? I'm also (leaving after I blog) going to buy one of those prebaked Gingerbread houses,give it a Hannukah make over and bring it along.
Gotta run- Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas and A Groovy Kwanzaa and an Amazing Solstice! Or just a great few daze if you don't know what you believe in!