Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i Reno

Irenie going to Reno!
I promised myself on Monday, I would march right in and see if it was possible to take a little time off to go catch the Reno Ratdog show. As soon as I arrived at work, I walked over to my director's office. El is always good about letting us do what we (feel?) we need to do. Since I only work a few hours anyway, she was sure there would not be a problem but still she had to check. Sure enough, a few other teachers were already taking the day off...but somehow there was still one extra teacher available to cover for me. YAY! YAY! YAY!
My school (and thanks to the Union) rock!
Of course, not 10 miutes out of El's office came a call from the nurse at my youngest's school. Tummy trouble. So, back to El's office in need of an immediate sub.
Kid is okay but I bet it will be a lonnnnnng time before he eats those nasty garlic fries he gobbled down Sunday night. TMI?
Once I got him home and the tum stabilized, it was reservations time!

And Woof! There's a new template. Lost my custom links but as you can see, I was able to round most back up again.

Who be in the mood for a Party? Nope, not on my berthaday but hey, I should familiarize myself with ALO since they'll be on that cruuuuuise too. It's music, December a bennie with surprise guests and ya never know!
Here's something PearlyBaker from Dot org put in response to some of the ungratefulness..and it just about sums up my point of view.

"The true fans didn't jump to conclusions and immediately start posting bullshit about bob (or other members of the GD) without knowing more about what was happening.

The true fans didn't feel as though they were losing access to something they were entitled to.

The true fans gave them the benefit of the doubt and realized that there could be a lot more going on under the surface that we didn't know about.

The true fans realized how much free stuff they have given us over the years (more than any other artist or rock group - BY FAR)...

The true fans didn't start up some bullshit boycott...

it was a "fuck you" to the lame asses that started that petition... and i can't blame him for that.

It WAS NOT a fuck you to the fans, cause no real "fans" signed that boycott petition.'

as always if you get confused listen to the music play.