Thursday, December 29, 2005

This looks like a fun Grateful Dead blog.

There's still a few nights left of Hanukkah! If you havent yet finished your SHOPPING!
Nice lil Bruce Hornsby article.
How you all doing?
Weve had old friends in town and saw a lot of them.
December has been quite the month for old friends. Now a new friend is in town and today, we'll get a visit in. If the weather holds (no rain now) we'll shop, if it rains, we'll do something girly like get facials or something artsy, like drop by the paint your own pottery studio. I visit the one in San Carlos every Friday- I'm slowly replacing all my chipped everyday stuff like sugar bowls, spoon rest, butter dish with my own weird designs. I also like to paint faces on sushi plates.
My family called from Hawaii yesterday,phone got passed around while they were waiting for restaurant seating. All is well! Everyone was enthusiastic. My mother even complimented my youngest on his being "so obedient and so polite" . The youngest told me his sister "Is being a lot nicer to me here than she is at home!".
My educated guess is that bribes and pacts have been made and I'll never really know how it's going..ah, ignorance is bliss, indeed!