Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's All Good!

OMIGOD! Jay Lane in Les Claypool!!!
At the Fillmore. We were with Glowy. Though our friend had lived out here for a while, she had not yet been to The Fillmore. Since this was an un Bobby related event, I had no desire to get stuck holding space anywhere and was able to give a tour . There were the apples by the bench, under the photo gallery, when you first walk upstairs in to the Venue. Down the hall (left) is coat check and next door to that is a woman's room on one side and the merch booth on the other side.
There is a bar downstairs and open to the floor, on one side of the room is a wall of seating, just banqueetes or whatever they are called. Some are usually reserved. Above the dance floor are great chandeliers, seems like there are black lights aimed at them so the effect is a purply otherworld like glow to the haunted mansion in Disneyland. Overlooking the floor are some balcony seats which you get to via the upstairs bar.
Next to the Merch booth, there is the stairwell. It's narrow not grand but carpeted and you pass by a good sized portrait of a young Grateful Dead (Sweet, smooth, dimpled Bobby face) And then there is the HUGE portrait of Jerry in a wonderful wood frame with roses painted on it.
The venue isnt huge but upstairs is a restaurant/multipurpose room and also a bar and a hallway that leads to tables for the all access crowd. On every available section of wall space are framed posters. Hundreds of them from all the Fillmore shows. We found 2 Ratdog posters in the bar but there are probably more, it would take a long time to look through them all.
I should tell the time I (literally)crashed into Bobby at the bar a CS&N Fillmore show (96?97?) in that bar, but Not now...
Oh yeah, Les Claypool-
What a young unDeadheady crowd! Scott and I looked seriously out of place but didnt give a Ratdog's ass about it. Had a ball Sorry tonight's NYE Hatter's Ball is sold out. AJ was there to set up the drumz. Always glad to see his sweet face and big grin. There was an opening band that was some sort of steroid infused bluegrass thing- fun and I thought I heard them play Dire Wolf. Could be wrong- it was loud and fast.
The entire Les Claypool "Fancy band" came out dressed as Santas.Kitsched to kill. Even Gabby La La, the zitar/sitar player, was a vision in red and white. Jay eventually took the beard & wig off (had his real hair in 2 cute braids) but gotta give him credit for keeping the rest of his costume on. In addition to Les, Jay and Gabby LaLa, there was a Sax player and a guy playing a glockenspiel. The glockenspiel guy was shirtless by the end of the night. The show was eclectic and loud and I danced like a maniac most of the night. Jay was furiously unleashed and yeah, WOW! WOW! WOW! Someweir in there was a big fat unmistakeable Easy Answers riff, which made us hollar out YAY JAY! Along with the Claypool fans Great job! Time to order drum shaped candy molds!
Lots of energy in the audience....
Best OLD Concert of 2005??? Yeah, hunh, eh? But a link is a link...speaking of that, here's a little unrecent but still 2005 article that I don't think I had seen before.

Thanks for the berthaday wishes, vibes and blessings!
I like the sound of any number with a seven in it. While forty seven is nearing that middle age peak (50 being the "youth" of old age) I feel groovier than ever. I'd recommend growing older (not the same as growing up) to just about anyone! Then again, I have a wonderful life...wasnt always this way which is why I must stop and appreciate how everything has turned out .
Wouldnt turn back that clock for anything!