Sunday, December 04, 2005

And a setlist too!

12/3/2005 Lensic Performing Arts Center, Santa Fe, NM
I: Jam > Jack Straw > Supplication > Bird Song > Odessa, Crazy Fingers > Josephine > Loose Lucy, Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance
II: K.C. Moan@3, Victim or the Crime@, When I Paint My Masterpiece@, Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > The Wheel > Stuff > Black Peter > Bird Song (reprise)
E: One More Saturday Night
Stuff - Jeff/Jay/Mark/Robin/Kenny

Denver Fillmore Review
by RLappi
INCREDIBLE show, folks.

Bobby filled the fillmore, and I think that Ratdog should be the permament house band there. Stellar performance all the way through. I got my money's worth with the HUGE Shakedown opener alone , and they continued to smoke throughout the evening. Gotta say that this is probably the first Ratdog show i've seen where EVERYTHING was jammed out--nothing cut short before it reached its full potential. To the contrary, Bobby was ADDING all kinds of improvisational segments to songs, while still retaining an energetic, loose boogie throughout. This led to many absolutely EXPLOSIVE moments. Big railraod blues, sugaree, and st stephen>11 sticking out the most.

The Row Jimmy was stunning, with Weir using his custom late 70's era cowboy guitar, and I felt transported in time by such a familiar tone.

Minglewood and She Belongs to Me were both tight and energetic. Lucky Enough had a VERY spacey jam in the middle, more so than I've heard before. Not my favorite song, but the musicianship redeemed it in a major way.

Funny thing, during Big Boss Man, 3 cops walked through the crowd right where I was, trying as hard as they could to not stick out, but everyone was pretty much laughing at them and the irony of the situation.

Bobby was all smiles during El Paso, captured in the moment enough during Mark Karen's solo that he forgot to start singing again, extending the music a few more measures.

Masters of War was masterfully done. Very dark and angry, and really one of the most evocative versions of just about any Dylan song. It couldn't have been represented in any truer sense, at least to these ears.

Aiko Aiko was SO good. Very nice to hear Bobby singing it (Mickey's version always makes me cringe). Very festive, New Orleans feel (of course), with tons of great jamming and really good harmonies. They really brought this song back to its roots.

"Stuff" was great, as always. It took about 30 seconds for Jay to figure out what he was going to do, but then the band launched into this great Jazzy lounge kind of jam.

Corinna kind of dragged on, but still done nicely, and considering that's my ONLY complaint of the evening, I'd give the show an 11 out of 10.

Sugaree went to the stratosphere, and St. Stephen>11 was absolutely nuts. The 11 had this sort of weird theme going after the william tell bridge. Can't really explain it, except to say that there was this kind of tension going on for a few minutes where the theme of the song wasn't fully materializing. You knew what it was, but it was almost like it was in a different key, and the band was trying to resolve if. Anyway, it was a GREAT jam, although they finally had to just go into the familiar 11, so it wasn't the smoothest transition. Still done very well, though.

Also wanted to say that the fillmore is the PERFECT venue for these guys. The sound was BIG yet it still had this incredible intimacy. Looking around the venue, I thought I had found myself in a Muppet movie. Only surprise was that no one was swinging on the chandeliers...

I think we've yet again reached the next level here, as this show went well beyond the 3 shows I downloaded from the first leg of this tour, and is light years beyond the show in Boulder I saw just 2 and a half years ago.

All this babble about selfishness and greed is so wrong.
I listen to my lawyer and my accountant when they advise me.
Who wouldnt?
In this season of giving, let me ask you...
Do you have a favorite non profit cause that you actively support?
In any particular way?
I am not one for meetings or organizing so most of my support comes through donating creations or contributing cash.
Look at all the good work Bobby is doing! This list is just a drop in a bucket of what Bobby does when he's not on the road or cocooning with family. It doesnt even include non profits he's performed for or signed donated stuff for-
These are just some of the non profit organizations that also keep the Bobstar busy with his support whether as a board member or as an honorary board member.

>Furthur Foundation
>Seva Foundation
>Rex Foundation
>Earth Communications office
>The Farm School
>Trips for kids
>Reef Relief
>Amicus Foundation
>Little Kids Rock
>Camp Arroyo
I know, I need to find a setlist of last night's show. And soon (I just got permission) I'll put up a nice glowing review about the CO. show I found online.
Spent the morning at a funeral. Scott's wonderful Uncle Max who had at age 92 years old the distinction of being The City's oldest Pawnbroker! Anyone reading this who has made the excursion to the shop ought to have met him or seen him sorting through the tickets by hand... Not just an uncle and mentor but a beloved friend too. I made a special cd mix for the drive to the funeral included "Me and My Uncle" as well as "He's Gone" and of course, "Mission in the Rain" {{{{{Max}}}}}}