Saturday, December 17, 2005

Reviews delayed, got one more show to get to!

Until they put me under, it's festival time!
Both SF and Reno were amzing.
Reno will likely be my favorite show for a long time - Though, tonight will be an adventure, I'm sure.
If Reno were the Lotto and the songs were numbers, I'd say I hit the Jackpot.
Everything better played than ever too. I t was all outstanding.
The venue was one of those dinner entertainment rooms, the acoustics were wonderful. Resonating, might be the word I need to put here.
SF was strong show- 2 saxes one was Dave Ellis!
And we got MAMU and He's Gone which were songs Scott has on the 'Uncle Max" cd he's been singing along with for a few weeks now.
Reunion time for Scott and I with old friends after the SF show
It was like old times to be having a really early breakfast/midnite snack with friends we used to go to see GD with. I grew up across the street with one of the guys. I thought he gave up on going to shows so didnt expect to see him. Hard to believe it's been over 5 years since we last spoke to each other.
I'm the woman in green, staring lovingly at Bobstar in this Minkin photo

Kudos for Kemmie for finding low fare RT flights for me to Seattle!
And so off I'm going to see the last Ratdog show of tour and of 2005!
Scott has to work today but is happy to send me off.
"You shouldnt miss it- they are playing so well!"
I've never been to Washington state before.
Bought flight and ticket online.
So, just need to find a hotel- shouldnt be too difficult.