Thursday, December 22, 2005

I don't understand all this hubbub over Holiday greetings?
Now that someone has gone and dragged our Bobby into it (can't anyone give him a break already?) I might have to read up!
I have been a very bad blogger - just been busy - getting the kids ready for Maui and recovering from jetsetting around last week. The best thing about having to hang around an airport is being surprised to find your favorite band (alas no lead singer) is also stuck. It was nice to have a few moments to thank the guys for a pretty great year and to wish them Very Jerry Holidays. My next 'official' Ratdog show is sometime in February, somewhere out there on the sea...but hopefully, the band members will be playing in various configurations around town before then.
As a matter of fact, Kenny Brooks is supposed to be playing tomorrow night with the Realistic Orchestra at the 12 Galaxies in the Mission (I still have my twenty free passes from the Tsunami benefit drawing too!)!

Here's a rather nice Ratdog show tale, I just found Clicky here

What is it about Bobby and buses? My cousin is a Mac geek freak and never misses a conference, I'll have to ask him to see
if this event is open to lesser techies?