Friday, October 07, 2005

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All's well here.
New dog settling in.
Teenager has her first boyfriend.
He gave her a silver dreamcatcher thing to wear on a necklace and she in turn made him a friendship bracelet.
Scotto was not happy at all about little darlin growning up so fast...but then the boy AND his mother came over to meet us and that sorta calmed Mr Daddykins down...It was really funny to see Scott get all weird over this. He was full of such helpful (lame) advice for Jase when the girls started calling here some years back.
The boy "M" is cute- longish hair & big dark eyes. "M" saw our "Hippies use side door" sign and remarked "Next time I'll wear my tie dye, so I can come in the side door".
Wonder if he has ever listened to the Dead?