Sunday, October 02, 2005

Jazz @Pearl's

Did I mention an outing to Jazz at Pearl's?
Scott had his all important Softball night and wasnt able to join GG and I up to North Beach for a big evening of big band jazz...I'm hoping to get him to go up tomorrow night (neither of us work Tuesday & Wednesday this week!) with me..but, again it's softball night..argh! Good news is that ALPHABET SOUP is playing the Bernal Heights street fair and unless there's tickets to a 9er's home game, Scott will finally get to check out some soup. Then again, there might be next Monday night- By then let's sort of hope this softball season is over and there's a break before "Winter Ball" starts up.
Back to Monday...We were psyched to have found a Keny gig while GG was in town. Being the denim hausfrau that I am, I was a little crazed to hear that there's a dress cde at Pearl's...Ay-Yi-Yi Cocktail party clothes!
Actually, I do own a few pairs of heels (in case of emergency) So all was not lost..
With a little notice, I usually just go out and buy something
Around 5pm, I got a hold of my unfinished "Fall Foliage" velvet burnout caftan creation and did what I could for it. Found the long black shift thing to wear under it plugged my feets into heels and tah-dah, was good to go. GG who has a grown up real life career thing going on pulled herself together beautifully though she also hadnt thought to pack 'cocktail attire"
We were on our way!
Got up to SF with plenty of time to spare.
Pearl's is small and sweet. Though, I've passed by it and looked in the window (the musicians back up to a big window) this was my first time inside. We were taken to a table which was right in front. Musicians were coming and going before the show started. Can you guess who should sit in the chair directly in front of us? None other than our fave Sax man. I mean right in front of us- sitting on a chair and eye level. Felt like we should offer him an appetizer. We were that close. Trying not to stare was hard. Trying not to giggle like the idiot I am was even tougher. Sometimes staring and giggling won...especially around the start of the second set.
The band was huge! 4 trumpets. 4 trombones I dont know how many saxes..and then a drummer, a piano,a bass and the conductor. GG and I grooved right along. I guess it's easy to tell us deadhead types- we did stay seated but bounced along to music. I learned at Jazz events, to clap after each solo. A challenge after training myself NOT to clap until a song is over (ala Symphany). Of course, at Bobshows, there is no protocal-folks yell-clap-howl out whenever the urge(or drugs) hit em. At any rate, each player took at least one solo, which was intriguing in hearing the differences in style, tone and pace. My only instrumental knowledge is from listening and observing. And I guess what I've learned from Scott- while he doesnt master any particular instrument, he can tune & fix & identify just about any musical instrument. Even non Western types.

The second set was especially awesome.
I'll add more later-gotta run