Monday, October 17, 2005

ABC Easy as 1-2-3!

Scratched the plan to furniture shop in San Rafael and instead wedged kids into the car and off we drove to Bernal Heights for the street fair and to hear some Soup!
I hadnt been to Bernal Heights in too many years..It's on the edge of the Mission..Parked on twisty Virginia street and worked our way up to Cortland Ave, passing the most adorable houses we've seen since Volendam.
The street was closed to cars and the fair was truly a neighborhood fair. Kids and dogs...ballooons and kettle corn!
All the neighbor groups had a presence as did a few of the local schools. One shop-called Hearfelt" stood out and I had a lot of fun in there. Who needs furniture- we can just sit on all the stuff I wanted to buy. There were some cute looking restaurants along the way too. The aromas of street fair won us over and you don't really wanna hear how much we ate.
And the weather was sunny & warm.
Soup didnt go on til about 3:45 pm. It was as always a thrill to see familiar faces roll their stuff on to the stage. Jay's on tour with Les Claypool but Jeff was there and of course, Kenny. Some of our favorite sound & crews guys were also on the scene. Zachariah Rose came by for a song. I'm sorry, I certainly recognized some of the members of ABC (that arent in Ratdog) but I don't know their names...We had a good time and it was fun to have 2/3rds of our kids with us. Sash was wide eyed at first then found the beat and danced along. Said she enjoyed seeing, hearing LIVE and getting to meet some of the guys she's been listening to (or about) since she was very young...

HEY!! It's a new to me GD blog- Born again Deadhead!

And a note from the Rex Foundation!
Dear Friends,

In celebration of music, community and joyful spirit, we are pleased to announce Rex Foundation Black Tie-Dye Balls in New York City and Washington, D.C. Enjoy two festive evenings of great music and connection with kindred spirits. Proceeds will support local non-profit programs.

Join us in New York City on Saturday, November 12th for The Zen Tricksters along with special guests including Donna Jean, Greg Anton, Rob Barraco, Tom Constanten, Michael Falzarano, Wendy Lanter and David Nelson. The Ball takes place at the Concert Hall of the New York Society for Ethical Culture at 2 West 64th Street.

The Washington, D.C. Black Tie-Dye Ball is on Saturday, December 3rd, featuring Dark Star Orchestra, and takes place at the Nightclub 9:30 at 815 V Street, N.W. This evening is also a special celebration of the life and music of the late Scott Larned, Dark Star Orchestra's co-founder and keyboardist.

For each Ball, special tickets are available through the Rex Foundation for both the concert and a pre-concert reception. The reception includes food, beverages and mingling with the performers and special guests. Mickey Hart is among the special guests at the New York pre-concert reception.

Go to the Rex Foundation website at to get each event's details, and to download the invitation and reception/concert ticket order form.

We look forward to being with you and your friends on November 12th and December 3rd. Thank you for all of your support and connection.

Sandy Sohcot
Executive Director