Saturday, October 01, 2005


At last a mellow moment...Been on the go for daze now!
So the Comes a Time was already a week ago!
We got there late. GG'S flight was delayed and Scott couldnt leave the shop til 4:30pm anyhow.
I got to take my time getting ready and at about 3:30 ish I drove myself to BART. Got off at the 24th& Mission stop and walked 4 or 5 blocks down to the shop. Getting there right at 4:35. Scott looked shook up and told me about the sudden death (car accident)of the daughter of relatives of Scott's cousin. We had just sat with the parents a couple of weeks ago at a family function- chatting and laughing about taking kids to shows (the dad and son had gone to a Reggae fest recently). The shock and sorrow we felt/feel for the parents softly changed our attitude,no longer anxious about getting to the show- became more grateful that I was going to have the chance to enjoy the show. Appreciate every moment- even the bad ones, one never knows what's coming around that next corner and how quickly things can change.
We took Mr. Toad's wild ride to GG's hotel. With amazing timing, she had checked in just moments before we got to her hotel. With everyone in place-off we zoomed toward the Bay Bridge. Even more amazing was that, despite all kinds of fests and fairs and concerts, there was no traffic getting to Berkeley. No trouble finding available parking in the closest garage. Not much of a ticket line either- but then again, the show had been going on for over an hour.
Wandering in, it was like a giant party-lots of folks buzzing around and chatty- we arrived during the setbreak before JGB started. Saw soooooooooo many familar faces and friends- most of whom, I could only wave to- it was quite a crowd in the pit. We werent in the pit but had to walk through it to get to our 2nd row, Section C seats. I got an aisle seat and can honestly tell ya that I had no trouble with wedgers. If anyone crashed our row- they mustve come in from the other aisle. It surely helped that we were seated next to Kemmie & her BIL, Rose, The Beans & sometimes Linda with friend (I think she had purchased additional seats in the pit too?).Down a row in the section next to us was Bill Walton. Glad he wasnt in front of me!
Once in my seat, I stayed put most of time..I did try to find GG but her entire row had been overtaken by wedgers. So it turned out she moved around most of the night. A few times she came up and danced next to me on the aisle. Most of the night the aisles were full. The guy in charge of Another Planet (I think Perloff is his name?) stood next to me and didnt look real happy. Shortly after he moved on, there was a call to clear our aisle during the next setbreak. And for about 10 minutes, the aisle was cleared. Once the music back on, folks returned to dance there. My view was gorgeous. I felt I could walk on top of everyone's heads and reach the stage. Whoever would be next to me on the aisle side never touched me and on my other side was Scott. We were able to hold hands and each other through the show.
Bobby was adorable even from afar. He made for a terrific Musical director. The sound went out at one point - during HOTW. And Bobby ran off stage to get it back while the musicians played on. Big cheers!
I'm running out of time (Gotta take los Ninos out to spend their allowances) Hope to get back online later but I'm sort of behind on some things since the last couple of weeks have been too busy.
But let me add this-
Our favorite song of the evning - SOTM....
Thanks {{{{{Rex}}}}}