Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I'm recovering from my night out... Sleep deprivation along with a tumble (I'm such a klutz!) I took on the street behind the Warfield has made me sore and lazy today...

Took the 5:04pm train (just down the hill from my house) up to San Francisco- arriving at station at exactly 5:42pm...Scott arrived about a moment later and off to Market street we sped. The neighborhood around the Warfield is a blend of theaters and peep shows. Even with "The Lion King" playing across the street from the Dead, we were still able to get a spot in the parking garage behind the Warfield. Scott had brought super burritos from the Mission for us..we caught up on our day and munched those burritos before leaving the car. As usual when the Dead play there, the sidewalks were filled with all sorts of deadheads, dogs, ticket scalpers and a limited number of peddlers. More than the average amount of kids holding up variations of signs looking for a miracle...There were absolutely NO tickets left. We ran right into Reisha - who had been in line all day, and she told us that all the Deadnetters in need, had been able to find tickets through the day! As predicted, the box office did release a very small wave of tickets sometime during the afternoon and our buddies had been waiting in that line there since very early in the morning . Later on, we learned that one of our friends had unfortunately purchased a bogus ticket from someone on the street and ended up having to leave :O(
The scene in line was basic chaos, though the doors were noted to have been opened at 7:00, we didnt enter the building until 8pm...the delay due to the abundance of bogus tickets- the staff was being extra vigilant in checking everyone's tix.
Finally, inside, connected with many friends, bought a diet cola and found the way up to our seats in the balcony. Imagine the surpise to find myself seated behind the famous GDTS Goddess, Ruby...Especially since we didnt make the cut with our mail order tickets this time around...We got our tickets from a friend, who had bought them from Ticket master in case she couldnt get in on mail order- she got her mail order floor- and gave us her balcony tix which landed us in a very nice part of the balcony- right by Ruby oooo the synchronicity of it all!
The show was fun! Of course!!! Our guy looked well from afar, all seemed happy. It was all enjoyable not quite on par with the smooth NYE show, but after all it was the first show of this configuration of players and the Warrenheads said that Warren had just flown in from Florida (Gov.Mule on tour?) and it was fun! I have already forgotten the order of all the songs but it was somewhere in the middle of MAMU that I first got lost enjoying myself in the Bobby moment. All I need is one Bobby moment..There were Brent tunes sung by Warren (wonderful voice for those)and also 'Madman across the water" which was unexpected (I've only been to/heard a few Phil shows) though it is known to be part of his repetoire. There were many highlights in this show for me..
Must attend to some things round here tonight- but hang around- I'll go try to dig Blair's review out of Deadnet and post it here...