Saturday, February 07, 2004

Ah, a few more daze until Bobness with The Dead at the Warfield!
We've got seats in the balcony- splendid! I'm saving my strength for The Fillmore rail next month..Last Valentine's day, The Warfield was superpacked. The line wrapped all the way around the block-and it's a pretty long block. Since I won't be able to join the Deadnetters in doing line duty- I'm quite relieved to have seats-the floor is open space with some tables (most better floortables are reserved for VIPs)..It can be difficult to navigate and just way too crazy.

My son's new teacher is a deadhead-how about that?!
We got to talking and he said he has been looking everywhere for Dead tickets...Mr B. is one of 5 teachers at that school who are Deadheads, that I know of! Last December, I saw the 1st grade teacher and his wife then saw the 3rd grade teacher and her daughter at the SEVA benefit...The PE teacher used to do the Grateful Dead tours..Suzy, the kindergarten teacher has a picture of herself with our Bobstar (from the 80's) ..and Scott's cousin Andrew- (he was in the luxury suite with us on NYE in exchange for some kidsitting) works at the same school with all these charactors...he doesnt teach but works in the after school homework club.
This is so Bay Area!