Tuesday, February 24, 2004

wOO HOO- First review is in!

From Graceful Dead aka Julie:
Just got home - had a great great great time dancing - got a set list and see that ashes and glass got moved from first set closer to after let it grow.... they added the strange jamming space thing with Jay and Jeff and the wharfrat and they replaced sugar magnolia with Ripple.... and beautifully done!!! I would almost always like a sugar mag, but after that absolutely wonderful cassidy.... whew! Nice change in the setlist, Bobby.... assuming it was his choice - acoustic and gorgeous with the stand-up base!! Robin pulled it out a couple of times - did three acoustic songs with it at the beginning of second set - at least I think he had the big base for all three of the songs...could be wrong. Some difficulties here and there, but for the most part - an excellent courageous set - bobby is using new timing on some of the songs and stretching those howling notes extremely well... thanks for a good time - sorry the HOB isn't a favorite for some, but once the beer spilling was finished even before they started playing, things went very well for Tree and I and several others we hung out with... On to San Diego.... School Girl!!!! What a rockin rendition!! Althea was phenomenal!! And again, that Cassidy! They offered the show on CD right after the show.... amazing world. And yeah, nice call Patrick and thanks for the pics! Already!! but went to look and get a message about Sprint and I can't go there... going to bed - will check in the morning. WOOF WOOF.