Friday, February 13, 2004

Hey! Still sore- fell down again off a step in the garage- I'm all off kilter- better get myself into some sort of regime before I become too uncoordinated..Speaking of undertaking a fitness regime- here is the addy to John Perry Barlow's blog-
seems he's been doing some working out lately- havent finished catching up with his blog but I'll thank him for the inspiration..

Just back from Mark Karan and Sons of Champlin at the Fillmore...Again, the beautiful Kemmie drove me in as Scott is resting up for tomorrow-today- It's Valentine's Day..and that means it should be a busy crazy day for jewelery sales at the Pawn shop..Mark & Puddleduck played well- loved the Elephant Walk jam in the middle of "Annie Don't Lie"...Met up with Reisha, Mazzy, Val and most of the usual suspects...only hung around for a few S.O.C. songs- then back to the peninsula for us..
The Fillmore is so yummy- can't wait til Mar2!