Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Today is the best day I've had in a couple of weeks!
The learning different child was accepted back to his old school..the work will be difficult but the community of friends he had made there will see him through. I have read where our Bobstar had also struggled through school because of his own dyslexia. Having a brain that works in it's own unique way is said to make for an extra dose of creativity...
Meanwhile back in the cyber weir freak world, I have now received word (2nd time this week)that there just might be a UKDog in 2004..The dates are slightly different from the first round of rumors-and source unrevealed but even without confirmation from TPTB, I google trailed the source of the first rumor and found that such a person does exist and indeed is/has been involved in booking bands- including Ratdog. ...Of course, nothing is very certain until Bobdog puts the info out (and sometimes even then...)
at any rate, that anything is there to ponder, makes me happy!