Saturday, February 14, 2004

Here's Reisha's review of the Jemimah Puddleduck show at the Fillmore last night-

ok, MY thots ( like anyone REALLY cares?) on last nites gig - :~>) :~>) :~>)!!!! I 1st got turned on to these QUACKS @ the schnoz in bezerkley ( by {{ARROW!!}}) a few yrs ago. fell in love w/ their sound that nite. have 'followed' ( not stalked!) em ever since. played their cd into the ground ( my fave gardening cd, lol! :~>). watched em go thru several keyboardists. they were playin w/ ( im gonna SLAUGTER his name, goddess forgive me) arlen schrimebaum. i REALLY liked him, & have kinda cringed at a coupla the replacements. but this j.t. thomas ( did i get that rite?) character - (played w/ hornsby, rite?) is a good fit. or, maybe ive seen him enuff to finally be comfy w/ his style?
they all looked, & sounded awesome last lite. i think mark was really gettin off on bein on THAT side of the rail - dream come true.
whad'did they play.....( im SO bad at recall - shoulda brought a scribble set) .... uh.... rock your papa - hmm, did they maybe open w/ that? i think they did. wasna so sure that should be the opener, but i went w/ it ( or, i could be mistaken bout the whole thing?) u can stay was EXCELLENT, as was memphis radio - maybe those 2 were together? & i was thirsty & had to pee & started to take care of that, but then they went into the one or the othre, so i aborted mission! & groooved to both, & then i REALLY had to take of biz, so i kinda dinna get.... uh,.....i forget - antoerh song i like alot, & uh... oh! bait the hook was ROCKIN too. molo & gross are prolly my two ( current) faves at what they do, & together, they morph the rythem into this funky beast ( kundalini?) inside of me. (+ theyre both really delightful eye candy, in different ways).& mark has come into his own. confident, talented, adorable..... oh! & who was doin the lite show?!?!?!?!? {{{{KUDOS TO THEM!!!}}}} ttrrrrrrrrrriiippppppyyyyyy stuff, i felt dosed after watchin that for a while!!!! i wandered around a bit, judging sound & crowd - sound was great, crowd was into it. made me happy. my ONLY critique would be to suggest a strong ending to the songs. while *I* like them morphing on into another, as a 'new' band, i think the crowd was a lil confused as to when to clap. but i had a better time than i was expecting, i TOTALLY got what i wanted ( well, close enuff ;~>!) - even down to marks green shoelaces! ;~>

WELL DONE, GUYS!!!!! :~>