Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I also enjoyed the harmonies on "inspiration," etc; nice touch. And I know I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I actually like "Self Defense" and liked it in that #2 slot. Nice little blast of Santanaesque stuff; always a good solo or two in there. (If Mickey had never written "Baba Jingo" you wouldn't be thinking about "self defense's" similarity to that tune. But SD actually has a melody and Mickey actually "sings" said melody decently.)

I'm not usually a big fan of Weir singing Jerry tunes, but thought he did a great job on both "Althea" (a definite highlight of the night) and "West L.A.," which was mostly really good (until Bob tried to do a fancy-Dan ending he couldn't pull off--one of the few actual miscures of the night. One of the others was, unfortunately, on the aforementioned "Stella," where Jimmy got COMPLETELY and UTTERLY lost on the solo--never seen him mess up that bad before. Maybe the tapes will reveal that I'm wrong about that one, but I don't think so.)

"Unbroken Chain" was a real treat. Phil sang it really well, great jam, etc. Really dug "Built to Last," too, with Warren giving that song plenty of heft...thought of Jerry when WH was singing the line about "one more star sinks in the past...."

Didn't know "All That We Are" but liked it. Something in the chorus really sounded like a '60s band to me (I remember thinking of Quicksilver or even Big Brother); not sure why. "Just A Little Light" is always hot...

Appreciated getting the 'Lost Sailor"/"Saint" and though they were having to work pretty hard to keep the "Sailor" together, they did ultimately, and the "saint" was a nice solid, rockin' payoff.

Drums seemed really short to me, but I could be wrong. There was a nice period when Phil and Billy were playing alone; very cool. "Space" was not super-spacy or long. Haven't read earlier reports, so forgive any redundancy on info like this: The jam before "Friend of the Devil" started out with Bob alone onstage with his acoustic guitar. Thgen he was joined by Warren for a short jam, then Jeff, then Phil, then the drummers, and that's when "Friend" emerged.

Kudos to Jeff, by the way, who brought a bit of jazz to nearly every solo he played