Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Forgot to mention that the person behind me in line, who I was chatting with, was stopped for havinga counterfeit ticket he'd bought on ebay! Yikes! Nice guy from New York; was very excited to be goin' to the show. He did manage to get in--at the break, due to the good graces of someone from GDTS. But it certainly gives one pause about buying tix on ebay....

BTW, I was in the sixth row of the loge (three above the aisle) a little on the Warren side (did anyone mention that Jimmy has moved all the way across the stage and is now next to Jeff?) and i thought the sound was FANTASTIC from the get-go; really good. Lights were nice and un-busy, too.

Need to also remark that I thought the "Throwing Stones" was really well done. Never a favorite of mine, but I hadn't heard it in a couple of years live and they played the hell out of it--the big triumphal jam was as good as it can be, with Jimmy and Warren wailing away. And though "Around and Around" has been known to sop me dead in my tracks, this one fairly kicked serious ass! Truly!

Encore was a treat--I love what Warren does with "Madman" (I kept hoping Elton would come out and sing a verse...he woulda dug it, too) and then the "Iko" and "NFA" were like icing on the cake. "Iko," in particular, had some really exciting leads in there by both Jimmy and Warren.

I went out into the cool night air with a smile on my face, Plucked the parking ticket off my car (no parking midnight until 6...didn't see the sign, got in the car at 12:11...rats...35 bucks!) and drove back to Oakland listening to the "Dark Star"> "Eyes" from the semi-recent '73 Dicks Picks...perfect!

I will definitely go see this band again. How about a nice run at the Greek?