Monday, July 24, 2006

Yeah, Baby...Weather is cooling off!
Still it was plenty hot for the drive to Berkeley to drop Sash off for the bus to Winnarainbow.
This was the first time in 10 or so drop offs that we werent the first people there. We left late, stopped by Target on the way to buy a new sleeping bag. Discovered that taking Oxford instead of Shattuck cut about 7 minutes out of the journey.
Unless Sash makes the cut as a teen staffer or Noah decides he likes the great outdoors, this was my last Winna drop off!
I have a few tales about the adventures of Jason & Sash at Winnarainbow..but I'll save them for a month from now when I am sure to be weepyish after seeing my progeny strut her stuff in her last "Big Show" there.

Another nice Ratdog SCI review Clickies here
Found a new to me blog called Mike's daily dose of Dead Nice Ratdog show review in there too!
Also worth checking All the info you need if you will be attending the upcoming bluegrass fest in Oct. -Bobby will be sitting in again with The Waybacks.
Speaking/posting about The Waybacks reminds me to mention that last night, while skipping through the channels (looking for a weather report) I stumbled across a public access TV show called The Bruce Latimer Show from the nearby coastal city of Pacifica. There on my screen was James Nash of the Waybacks sitting in with a real country music group. Watched & listened for a spell. A nice way to end the weekend.
Browsing through the show's website, I have a feeling I should be tuning in more often!