Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Listen to DTTW Tonight!

From DTTW! Ooooh-Some nice listening coming up!

KPFA is in the middle of a fund-raiser. People who appreciate the music
programs on KPFA would be very well-advised to make a contribution.

I'll be on the air from 8 to 10 PDT tonight, and I've been advised that I didn't
do as well in May as I should have, so I need to show some results.

Any contribution will be appreciated. We'll have a show from RatdogLive; the new Garcia-Saunders compilation, "Well-Matched"; and some other premiums.

Listen live at and

And of course, on the air at 94.1 fm in northern California and 88.1 fm in Fresno.

29 Years ago to the day- at a campground somewhere in Austria-according to the writing on the back of the photo.
Bobby wasnt the only one sportin short shorts in 1977!
Nice photos from the Bobby meet & greet a few weeks ago @ RCMH!
I recognize Saint our fellow UK Eurodog traveller in one of those pictures!

And since it's official!

Mazel Tov to (((((((Robin & Greg!!))))))))
Can't wait to meet Greg!