Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's cloudy and cool here again!
And I've got a huge list of things I have to get to work on!
Before I finish unpacking boxes (still waiting in the garage after almost 2 years since we moved here!)
and before I begin to think about what to pack for upcoming trips to Mendocino and Ridgefield, CT (I'll be at the Ridgefield Ratdog shows!!)
I have a few new to me links to share.
Here is an entertaining story of One guy’s first Grateful Dead show!
Here is a bio from a musician Chris Grey who tells of having been a guitar student of Jerry & Bobby in Palo Alto back in the day!

And a new to me (I think?) GD related Blog called Much that is Hidden

I'm hungry, I've been dieting since the end of May, I'm losing weight really slowly-chalk it up to being fairly sedentary plus being over 40. Being married to a major Foodie doesnt help either . Still, I'd like to dine in all of these Dead themed cafes. So far, the only one I've been to is Magnolia's (yum!) which is right in the heart of Haight street.

Missisippi half step Cafe
Stella Blues Cafe
Magnolia Pub
If you know of any more let me know- we'll make a list!
MMM Kynd Veggie Burritos!
I'm hoping to go through all the past blog entries and create lists of the links I've posted. See what's still working and try to categorize things like GD related blogs & info on books containing Bobby info- which reminds me- Another book out there with Bobby content is Between the Strings: The secret lives of Guitars. I need to obtain a copy of that one for Scott.

A new Jambase Ratdog review click here