Saturday, July 22, 2006

New pictures by ((Alan, Susana & Bud)) up on!

Yesterday, I posted about the new Spinner book of Grateful Dead trivia. It's coming out this month.
But have you read or seen 'Baru Bay' or 'Panther Dreams"? Both beautiful and child friendly . I think they can be found on Amazon these days. One is on video and both are narrated on cassette by Bobby.

I missed this interview/article with Bobby about them the first round but am happy to have it to read now.

A very sweet selection of GD videos are gathered on this person's blog.
If that's just not enough of that-
Jammin John left this link to a zillion Grateful Dead videos! Enjoy!
I wonder if any of the footage I filmed and traded has made it on there (yet?)??

I'll have to sit down and figure out how to transfer my vids into my computer so I can post em.
I figured out how to post Noah's Apollo vs Pythos but we filmed that with a computer friendly video camcorder.
One of these days...
Do you knit and do you love the Grateful Dead? Then you might enjoy browsing in this blog!