Saturday, July 01, 2006

Hey Hey Hey!

Wow! What a week!
My hat's off to everyone trying to physically follow this crazy tour!
Phoenix was something like 106 in the shade! No humidity though. I didnt feel hot but was aware of sweat dripping down my back. Mostly the heat was simply exhausting rather than uncomfortable.
I spent most of the day in my lovely hotel room -20th floor of the Hyatt Regency. Big view of city, desert & jagged mountains. I chose the spendy Hyatt for it's location- 5-10 minute jaunt to the venue. No taxis this trip. Walked back and forth from the Dodge a few times in the course of the day and evening.
Never saw so few people walking the streets of a big city before (except for Los Angeles after the Rodney King riots).
In the wee hours when I was trekking back after the show, I passed about at least a dozen people sleeping out on the street.
Sort of like parts of Mexico during siesta time.

I missed most of SCI. They had a cool light show.
Relaxed in my seat through setbreak as I had spent time before the show schmoozing a little with Chez and others in front of the

Strange to be at a show and not see Graceful or Vera & Dick or most of the usual Ratdogger tourheads.
Great to see Sarah, Chez, Bird, Alan & Sandy though!
The Dodge seems to have been built recently . I thought it was a nice venue. Music sounded excellent- especially in the middle of the pit.. Air conditioner was cranked. Very comfy.

I merely enjoyed the show until Bobby broke out a beautiful LLR, from then on I LOVED the show!
Many thanks to Tracer & Uncle for saving me space in the pit. I didnt get much of a chance to chat (music playing) but truly enjoyed meeting those two. Hope to see them at another show some time! The pit was a wonderful place to be because the show was a rocker (Silvio-Tequila-Aiko-Deal with SCI) after LLR and the pit was not crowded. There was even a corner of the rail open. I liked the sound best in the middle and hung there with my two new buddies. I felt revived and had so much fun dancing there!

I don't even know the setlist at this point but will look for it.
I have been online long enough to notice a few Ratdog shows are rumored to be happening on the East Coast in August!
Hopefully, if these are happening- they will be 2 full sets of Ratdog! Not only has Scotto been dying to see a show but I gave up my seat for my oversold flight home on Thursday. I was sent to Las Vegas to catch a flight to SFO from there. Got home only 2 hours later than planned. The airlines gave me a RT Voucher for use anywhere in 48 states. I was gonna save it for Fall tour or to get myself halfway to Europe with, but might just take off for (as AH posted) A little Summer bonus trip!
I am gonna have to make a habit of scheduling flights home earlier than needed and snagging some more vouchers!
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