Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sparkly new interview with Mark Karan on Earvolution!

New reviews here and there!
So nu?
Not even a day after I decide I will to head Ridgefield all this stuff comes up!
Now the kitchen contractors WILL Probably be ready to dig in the middle of August. (Argh!).
Then, during a routine medical check up for camp, the doctor was concerned that Sash's heart murmur is not sounding right and wants her to have an echocardio test. It was one of those qwik care clinics, so today, I'm taking her to her actual pediatrician for his opinion. I'm not ready to worry too hard about it just yet!
In the meanwhile, our nephew is still at UCSF recovering from Leukemia. He's doing quite well all things considered.
My sons are doing well. The older one is living the good life in Sausalito -working in San Rafael and partying it up in the city.
Noah is actually enjoying Summer school and camp.
I'm working on unpacking the rest of the boxes which have been stacked up in the garage since we moved here almost 2 years ago....and when I can I'm finishing art projects, designing a mural for one of my walls and running down to the place where I can do glass fusion.

Tickets are available for all the shows on RatDog's
August schedule.

Now that we are back to our normal state of affairs,
we will be able to process all the RatDog shows in a
more timely manner.

Therefore, best get orders in here soon if you haven't
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