Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Mish Mash

It's already over!
Tonight's Ratdog Setlist- Thanks to Lizard King for posting it on the boards!
Looks fantastic!
Casey Jones>
Minglewood Blues>
She Belongs to Me>
Crazy Fingers,
Big Iron@6
Victim or the Crime Bobby and Robin@
Uncle John's Band>
The Other One>
Stuff w/o Bobby
Throwing Stones,
Liberty with The Persuasions

Black Muddy River Acapella

Looking forward to hearing more about it!


Just loving all the appreciation for Ratdog that I'm reading on the boards and the my space blogs. Most my spacer blogs are short and concise -I'd be on the computer all day if I tried to link them all here.. Best tool to find them is Technorati...I hear Dogpile is also good for ferreting out stuff. Google is best for finding news but if you are blog-hungry- check out Technorati.

Bloggers enjoying recent Ratdog shows-

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