Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Aside from being female and having first names that start with vowels. I doubt I 'd have any thing more in common with Ann(e?) Coulter. Though Ive been running across accounts that she had been to one of the RCMH shows, here's the experience in her own words. Then there was from the Gawker and a mention in a review on Jambands.
NYC shows are sorta Mad Hatterish. I still smile trying to imagine Trump popping up at the Beacon in April.
One guy on a my space blog had dished about being backstage watching it all but he has pulled or recategorized the experience since I read it.
Sash's pediatrician agrees that she needs an echo card test.
He doesnt predict or hint about anything really scary but it is important to find out what is going on.
She's still good to go to camp-no strenuous activities though.