Friday, July 21, 2006

Planning a lengthy car trip with the kidlets ?
Well then just in time for that last great lonnng car ride is a book that the whole freakin family can enjoy!

Ah, at last Friday!
Here's a new interview with DJ Logic!
A little snippet:

MG- At the Harmony Festival, you also sat in with RatDog. Can you talk a bit about how your relationship with Bob Weir has evolved over the years?

Bob is great, such a sweetheart. We just sit down and talk about music. It’s like sitting down with my grandpa [laughs]. Anytime they are in town, I try to sit-in or say hi. He always talks about exploring and having an open mind. I first hooked up with those guys through Rob Wasserman and went out on the So Many Roads tour. Rob and I would do these improv jams between sets. Real open stuff. When I started playing with those guys, I went back and listened to all these old Dead CDs. They had so many crazy instruments going on--- it is just really cool to be able to scratch and rearrange those songs. It leaves so much room for exploration.