Saturday, January 22, 2005


The last few weeks have just flashed by! tells me Ive only got 12 daze to go before RATDOG starts up!
I'll be there...I was so focused on getting to and working out plans for Vegas that I neglected considering the other options....Kemmie suggested we head to Anaheim and directed me to the low priced fares available at SW Airlines...And well....
One show is not enough if I'll already be 1/2 way to the fabulous Celebrity Theater in Phoenix- and the weekend aint over..and flying there from OC is even cheaper - well, there I/we go again! Scott will leave the shop a little early that Saturday and fly out to meet us in the venue by show time!
In the meanwhile- There's MK at the Tsunami Benefit at the 12 Galaxies on Friday -or is it Saturday? and Dav(id) told me he heard on David Gans' show (((Bobby))) is guesting at a future Spencer Dryden Memorial event...Winter is certainly shaping up out here!