Sunday, January 09, 2005

What to make for dinner? How bout some of those kind veggie burritos?
And while those are heating up you can invite a friend over and play this board game- "On Tour"

Here is a Brand New board game for sale. It is called "ON TOUR". The game features Jerry Garcia on the pretend money. There is a board included as well as 6 hand carved buses as markers. The buses are all Tye-Dyed different colors. There are two stacks of cards - Twist of Fate & On Tour. These cards lead you through the adventure. The object is to put the band together and make it to the end. Along the way you pick up instruments and equipment. This item was made by HappyHippieGames. The rules are on the inside of the cover. The board is in mint condition. Two dice are included. Here is the description from the game:

Start in the parking lot in your Physcedelic Bus, then cruise around the board in search of band members and equipment. Watch out for Desolation Row where you can get mugged, lose a turn, or worse! Online Trading will earn you quick bucks and Flashback will have you moving in reverse.

You'll be rolling in the Rave - of course - roll even to get band members and roll odd to lose 'em. Take a left and its like going to Las Vegas -- watch out for the bus wreck the worse square on the board, but hit the Lotto and your rolling in dough.

Twist of fate cards keep the game crazy - each one is a song title and you gotta do whatever it says! Earn money by playing festivals or making CD's and when you've got enough green, head to the pawn shop and buy your band equipment. Don't forget the Coffee Shop to find munchies and new band members.

Collect 5 band member cards of the same color and your band equipment, then be the first Band to get to Stage and -- You Win!!

This is really a neat game for any Hippie. It is colorful and is very enjoyable. Give it a try! This would make a great gift for the true "Dead Head" or anyone who is really into bands.