Monday, January 24, 2005

In the Alvarez booth-

Scott brought home all sorts o stuff- tee shirts and catalogs - Of course my fave catalog is Alvarez...The new one has Bobby on the page across from Warren Haynes...

Bobby’s quote is
“Sometimes, I’ll play guitar just to get away from my busy life. Not just because I’m familiar with with the instrument, but because I know it’s going to take me somewhere.,”

Then there’s the ad copy:
Bob Weir was instrumental in the developement of the Alvarez Yairi WY Series of performance guitars. The concept of a small bodied cutaway with natural sounding electronics was the perfect solution for Bob. His career has been characterized by the unrelenting pursuit of sonic excellence, and the Yairi WYI has remained his guitar of choice for more than a decade. The cedar top/rosewood body blend, simple but elegant cosemetics, and a neck profile that can only be described as “electric” combine to make a performance instrument second to none.

.....Across the page is Warren and it might please ya to know:
Warren Haynes plays the Alvarez Yairi GY2E. This instrument was originally developed with JERRY GARCIA, and it is Warren’s choice for his spectacular acoustic excursions. The GY2E is a cutaway jumbo featuring a back and sides of Australian lacewood, a tasteful abalone inlay and the Alvarez System 6ooT Mk II Preamp./eq.