Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mmmm Mmmm Good!

Scott was to join me in the venture up to SF for Alphabet Soup....I had tried a few times to get him to take me to see them at Bruno's but unless you're Mark Karan and it's NYE And Your wife's birthday- it's impossible to get him back to the Mission after dark... when he heard the Soup would be playing across town on Clement he was well. jazzed to check them out..it was in fact his idea!...It wasnt til about 2pm on Sunday that he checked the flyer and saw the band wasnt starting til 10 pm...from then on it was moping and concern about how he would he be able to deal with going to work sans sleep...can't blame him, that shop is always busy and with all the banks closed it would be miserable for him...he's one guy who is likely to fall asleep anywhere-any time including while he's sposed to be driving... I had to let him back out...anywy, Kem & her pal Sid, were interested in going and as you know, Kem lives nearby and passes through my town to get to SF....

So- we zoom off to Clement Street. I cant remember the last time I was out there, but it's definatly a street to bring your appetite- all sorts of restaurants- Russian, Mexican, every variety of Asian, cafe's, bars, dessert places...I needed to be fed. We ended up at a Turkish pizza place..YUM!
Growling tum satisfyed we trailed over in to The Last Day Saloon- spotting Jeff and Jay walking across the street...In front of the saloon was Kenny, looking happy hanging with friends..We stopped for a quick hello then ventured inside - there was still some time before the show was to start, we ordered drinks and hung out, after a bit the actual venue- upstairs from the saloon- opened, we got our hands stamped and clomped on up...found a nice table right in front of the dance floor. Turns out the Soup used the floor as well as the stage to fit all the musicians- the 3-4 Vocalists did their thing from the dance floor....On stage there was Kenny and Jay among a bass player. a guitarist, a keyboard guy..Jeff sat in for a few numbers as I suppose a guest/ Alphabet returnee...Later on, Zachariah Rose- familar from his appearances with Ratdog- also guested....

Now, I know nothing zip nada nunka about Hip-Hop except to confuse it with Rap music...And I havent heard much Rap since my 22 yr old was in JR High school...Not that I dont like Rap or Hip Hop or Jazz but there's just already so much music to listen to just keeping up with Bobby's projects...
I went to Soup with an open mind and my appreciation for Kenny, Jeff and Jay's Ratdog contributions.....
We had a great time!
It was exciting! The rappers wearing sports themed shirts..did their rhyming and moving back and forth across the floor..every few minutes stopping and letting the instrumentalists take it from there...I feel bad I cant say who the musicians (aside from our guys) were nor can I tell you the songs which were being played but the only folks in the place that I might know to ask were working! Nary a tied dye to be found! Thought perhaps (long weekend and all) there might be some familar face from the GD/RD scene but nope! Not a one! Reminded me of the time Kemmie and I went to the ACLU luncheon for Weir/Wass..which is another story for another time (but if you jump back to blogs from 12/03 you can read about it)
Nope- the Soup has a younger, artsier/urban, multi ethnic crowd...I mightve been the oldest person in the house! Not that it matters- I still got up and danced....
Definately- Check these guys out!
.....Someone posted this info on ABC Soup @ Ratdog.Org+
hey now! Wejust got this show added to our system. For anyone who would like to get their soup on, Peter (the guy who has brought you all of the fine ratdog live recordings) has mastered up a fine helping of some soup. It avilable at http://livemusiczone.com

Here's the selist and other info:
Alphabet Soup
Last Day Saloon
San Francisco, CA

Disc One

Set 1

1. Jam > 06:03
2. Survival Of the Biggest > 06:45
3. Look Into The Book > 08:39
4. Ways Of The Brown > 08:07
5. The Music 04:53
6. Where's Papa 07:06
7. The Time Is Now 4:20 09:39
8. Take A Ride > 08:42
9. Stopocis > 04:52
10. For Your Conscious 10:23

Disc Two

Set 2

1. Too Much Is Not Enough 06:01
2. From The Sun > 08:00
3. Oppression > 13:20
4. World's Greatest 12:32
5. Where'd It At Cat 05:06
6. Freebies > 07:59
7. Close To You 06:26
8. If I'm Getting High 08:12

Kenny Brooks - Saxophone
Jay Lane - Drums
Dred Scott - Keys
Wilbur Krebs - Bass
Sammy Biggers - Bass
Chris Burger - Vocals
Lexxx Luthor - Vocals
Blake - Vocals

Special Guests:
Jeff Chimenti - Keys
Zacariah Rose - Vocals
Big Ken - Bass

Recorded and Mastered by Peter Ammerall

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