Wednesday, January 05, 2005

If you understand how to download from EasyTree, you might go copy Weir/Wass JCC Swig Park show from here...I already have this show on video and with the help of my birthday present- a vcr-dvd recorder, I am dubbing it to dvd...I stumbled into video trading by accident...I had brought my camcorder to a Celebrity Scoop featuring Bobby singing and Phil scooping Ice Cream...I mentioned online that I had taken video of that day and started receiving e-mails from ever lurking traders...The lists were amazing and I was like a kid in a candy shop with trades...I videotaped where I could- where it was allowed..No one ever stopped me even at that Ben Lomond show...I didnt know the rules though- like NEVER turn the cam off and don't film in front of speakers unless you can figure out how to dub...I didnt even like to film because you just can't move if youre filming. No enjoying being "in the moment" because there is the lighting, angles and composition options to consider..I've only filmed a handful of moments myself but, I think it was on this blog(?) that I told about how- at this Celebrity Scoop, Bobby showed me how to vid myself..and in his demonstration, I have about 6 seconds of upside down/sideways smily faces of him/me/him/me...
Here are a few stills that prankster Bobby took of himself-the pix of me are too scary to include!

Go Seva
Ratdog photos hereand here