Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Shady!

Shady is the very first internet friend I met.....About 6 years ago, he was coming to town on Christmas day and was in need of a place to hang out til his friend was done doing Christmas. We invited him over for the tradiional Jewish Christmas...He phoned to let me know he had arrived and was waiting for me...I almost forgot to ask "How will I know who you are?" I couldnt imagine walking around and asking "Scuse me, Are you Shady Backflash?" Shady laughed and said to look for a tall guy wearing a beanie with a propellar in it! Shady lives on the other side of the country and rarely posts much but we see him when he's on tour usually working a booth inside the venues- Kesey's or Mikio's goods....I really am hoping one of these daze to get a Tarot reading from You, Mr Backflash!
How Weird are you? As you might expect, I scored off the charts.....