Monday, January 10, 2005

From Paul

Received this a few daze ago from a new friend-...Yes, the Bay Area does Rock!

For the past three nights, I attended musical events in the Bay Area's three coolest areas: the East Bay, the city (San Francisco), and Marin.
On Thursday night, I saw David Gans and Suzy Thompson perform extremely well at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley.
Ivy Room
On Friday night, I watched Pat Nevins from the Grapefruit Ed band play the guitar and sing at the Ivy Room in Albany. Pat is also a Philly guy and has agreed to play at my music benefit concert. In addition to Pat, the following people have agreed to perform at the upcoming music benefit concert for my school district: Wavy Gravy, David Gans, Robin Sylvester from Ratdog, Pete Sears from Jefferson Airplane, and Vir McCoy from Hamsa Lila. Hopefully, the list of musicians and keynote speakers will continue to grow.
I am going to be the emcee. I can perform my "Silly from Philly" act with my political and geographical poems. Maybe, I'll even do my "Rocky" act. My friend Ashley can perform her unicycling act!
Last night, I attended the first annual Bill Graham's Birthday Party at the Fillmore in San Francisco. While waiting in line last night, I met and took a photo with Chet Helms. He is going to sign my Grateful Dead Family Album later this week. Michael Healy and Chet Helms are going to be at a benefit in SF on Thursday night. I am going to email Chet Helms to find out about this benefit on Thursday. Then, I will forward his response.
Three school bands and the SF Mime Troupe performed before the movie showing of "Fillmore."
There was also a silent auction last night. On the program, they thanked David Gans, Jay Blakesberg, and others for donating items. However, they forgot to thank Bill Walton for donating his autographed ball, Big Head Todd and the Monsters for donating a signed poster, and Mickey Hart & Earthdance for donating 2 DVDs of this year's Earthdance event and a signed Mickey Hart drum.
I took a picture each of these three cool artifacts. First of all, Walton wrote "Hall of Fame 1993" on the ball. Secondly, Big Head Todd signed a cool poster. They are my favorite Colorado band. I remember seeing him on the Hill in Boulder, at the Starry Plough in Berkeley, and at the Blue Parrot Restaurant in Louisville, Colorado. I attended Big Head's last appearance in the Bay Area at the Fillmore. They produced a DVD, and I may be in it. I will have to watch that DVD to see if I appeared in that film. Finally, I enjoyed taking a photo of those Earthdance artifacts because I helped promote that fantastic festival. I wonder if I am in that DVD, too. I wore the same shirt as Mickey that day and danced up front. I am psyched to watch that DVD because I loved Earthdance!