Saturday, January 29, 2005

San Francisco Nights

There was a time in the early-mid 1990's where you couldnt go anywhere in the city and not bump into Chris Isaak...We were having dinner at the Stinking Rose on Columbus street the night he was filming his San Francisco Nights video....
Last night was a very SF night for us...Kemmie picked me up and we sat in traffic while the rain sloshed down...Finally got into the Mission about an hour later than we expected- Scott was okay, chilling in the apartment one of his cousin's had built over the store...there's a rather nice view of city from the terrace and by the time we got up there, the rain had stopped and the night sky was incredibly clear...
We ambled to the 12 Galaxies to find that there was about another hour or so to go before folks were going in...time enough to hunt down dinner...
During the daytime, the Mission is still rather seedy and depressed looking but at night- there's neon and a fine assortment of trendy or interesting places to grab a bite or a drink..just across the street from 12 Galaxies is Foreign Cinema A place I heard about but since I can never get Scott back into the Mission at night- we had never tried it...Figured better give it a try while we were there! Quite nice, they were showing 'Das Boat'- "a movie whose power comes from both it's epic battle scenes and cinematography creates a palpable sense of claustrophobia and constant movement"...who wouldnt want that as a backdrop while dining?
The food-small portions-was excellent!
Cross back to the 12 Galaxies to find Twrl Girl& Reisha settled at a side bar..Dick also with friends further inside by the one was sitting at one of the side booth table thingies so we sat there..
I didnt know it but Scott bought raffle tix -"it's a Tsumami Benefit!"...He put my name on them so it was a REAL surprise to hear my name announced as the winner of 10 passes for 2 for events at 12 Galaxies...I can also give them to 19 friends for 1 show (Maybe we'll use them for celebrating when my son gets into law school?)..Right cool!
Eventually, the musicians started appearing the first fellow up was a guitar guy named Eenor from ? He was soon joined by a happy looking chap who plays bass with the Disco Biscuits.
Then The new Monsoon came on for a little while. Nice!
At last MK was on stage-sitting in with Tea Leaf Green for "Can't find my way home" dedicated to Jim Capaldi. Next up was Mark, Jay, Robin and Pete Sears for "You Can Stay, But the noize must go,"
Kenny joining in for Sugaree&Hey Pocky Way w/ Jeff Miller, and a Zacharia Rose rap.
All too soon the MK&Friends portion was over!
On our way out someone mentioned that DJ Logic was over at the Elbo Room and we discussed traipsing over to see him..Scott had to work today and needed to go but since Kemmie had driven, I was okay to join her and so off to the Elbo room for us! The night was young!
More good times a few blocks away- Jay and Kenny joined DJ Logic for a set that included Zachariah! Again an entirely different crowd than the gig at 12 Galaxies..I felt young and old! And had terrific evening! I am guilty of sticking to music I know- it was a big deal for me to try Jemimah Puddleduck and Kimock -I was content to spend my evenings listening to Bobby and working on craft projects so getting out to see these other guys in Alphabet Soup or with DJ is kind of a big thing for me-it's even more special because I'm rather enjoying every second of it!
Thanks for having me!
If anyone reading this is coming to the City tonight- It was mentioned at closing time at the Elbo Room that members of Alphabet Soup will be returning to sit in a bit Tonight!