Wednesday, April 21, 2004

but didnt make it our last night to the Jerry cd release party----but Katrinka from deadnet went and here is how it went! She got her Bobby moments in!


When we drove past the front door (I was looking for a parking space) I saw Bob Weir on the sidewalk talking to some people and pointed him out to my mom. At first she didn't recognize him because she hadn't ever seen him with a beard.

We parked and as we walked to the Fillmore we joked about missing our opportunity to meet Bobby. So imagine our amazement when we got to the top of the stairs, and there he was, almost alone.

I said "there's Bob, mom, do you want to go talk to him?" because she had met him and talked to him about 10 years ago. (heh heh) and she said yes, so we walk over and Bob's talking to someone and we wait about a minute and they both turn and look at us, so I seized the moment and said "Bobby, this is my mom, Dottie, you've met her before" and he reaches out his hand to shake hers and says hi, and then turns to me again and I say "I'm Katrinka, you haven't met me before" and he sorta smiles and shakes my hand, and I fade back to let my mom talk to Bobby. And next thing I know she's pointing to me saying "and this is my oldest."

So Bobby, ever so congenial, reached out his hand to shake mine and suddenly realizes he just did that. He had this really comical look on his face, like when he flubs a line, and then I said "how about a hug" and he just leaned into it and gave me a big hug!!! Woo Hoo!

But that wasn't the end of it. My mom must've talked to him for about 5 minutes, and he kept including me in the conversation. What a sweet man. He was really relaxed and taking time to communicate. I never espected that to happen in a million years.

Afterwards, when I went onto the Fillmore dance floor and immediately saw Gwen, Reisha and Matty, I was a total basket case. "I hugged Bobbie, I hugged Bobbie, I hugged Bobbie!" I was jumping up and down in excitement. I'm sure glad I didn't lose it like that in front of Bobby. :-)

The Fillmore was all decked out for the Jerry Garcia Box Set CD release party. They brought in sofas and rugs and bean bags and coffee tables (2 long stem red roses on each table) with candles in large glass vases, and ferns and plants on the stage.

David Gans, Blair Jackson and Tom Fly were up there talking about putting the box set together and playing selections over the Fillmore speakers. Then after the scripted part, they just turned the speakers up and played more Jerry. There was a big screen behind the stage with a constant picture show of Jerry photos, and a smaller screen duplicating the same pictures on the side wall (opposite the bar.)

There was free pizza and wine, and goodie bags, too.

Kemmie and Binkie were there, too. And Donna Godchaux McKay, and Mountain Girl, Wavy Gravy, and many more - my mind is mush.

Especially since my mom was "up for it" and we went over to the Avalon Ballroom afterwards to see Phil play with the Avalon Allstars - in this case, Mark Karan, John Molo, and Melvin Seals.

Phil joined them in the middle of their set and the songs they did together were Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Easy Wind, and Sugaree.

Mom had never been to the Avalon before, but she really liked it. She especially liked the way so many people were dancing. We had a wonderful time, but we left shortly after Phil did. Bobby Vega, Alan Hertz, and Ray White had joined Mark, Molo and Melvin, and they were still playing when we left. Another musician was just joining them, but I can't recall his name.

In fact, I'm a mess. I didn't get enough sleep last night, and I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow, so I'm signing off for now.

But I wanted to write about the night while it's fresh in my mind since I won't be able to get back online until afternoon.